SYNERGIA Publicised and Published

By Dr. James Pope

Over the past couple of months the SYNERGIA Project has been busy collaborating and participating in numerous events and developing quality research publications.  The project engaged numerous academic and industry organisations during the following events.

  1. Smart Internet Lab Conference
  2. Bristol CSN Lab – BT Visit
  3. Toshiba UMBRELLA Launch Event
  4. FutureSpace Founder’s Meeting Presentation
Smart Internet Lab Logo

On 23 September, the project presented at the University of Bristol’s SMART: 2021 Future Networks Research Conference.  The conference is a chance for academic and industrial experts to discuss future ambitions and challenges in telecommunications research.  The SYNERGIA virtual presentation had over 50 attendees from industry and academia.

On 6 October, The University of Bristol’s Communication Systems & Networks Group (CSN) hosted a visit with senior members from the BT communications conglomerate.  The visit was conducted in the Merchant Venturers Building, CSN Lab.  The SYNERGIA Project was presented along with several other applied and theoretical communications research projects.  There was particular interest in how the SYNERGIA AI/ML solution generalised beyond the IIoT.

Poster of SYNERGIA at UMBRELLA Launch Event

On 18 October, Toshiba held the UMBRELLA Launch Event on the University of the West of England’s Frenchay Campus.  There were over 70 attendees from industry, academia, and local government.  The SYNERGIA Project engaged with attendees in a booth / short discussion format.  Numerous attendees approached SYNERGIA project members to discuss our AI/ML, system, security, and multi-tenancy research.

On 21 October, the SYNERGIA Project met with Future Space companies to discuss possible use cases and collaboration.  There were approximately twelve attendees, half of them at the executive level.  The meeting was facilitated and supported by Oxford Innovation.  Two Future Space companies have subsequently been in contact regarding potential future collaboration.

Future Space image

Finally, the SYNERGIA Project received notification that one of its publication had been accepted as part of an upcoming Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) Conference on 17 November.  The publication includes 14 project members across 3 consortium organisations.  The publication is available via the ACM Digital Library.

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Quick Facts

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Project Cost: £2.2M
Total Funding: £1.6M